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Divorce Matters


When the tension of a divorce becomes so adverse that you're without any alternative but to seek attorney to handle your Divorce matter, call us for a free consultation. You should have an aggressive and experienced advocate to strategically protect your rights and interests throughout the Dissolution process. Though settlement might initially seems impossible, Attorney Lozano looks for opportunities of the same when it serves the client's needs and objectives. Nevertheless, some issues may not lend to the settlement process.     

Attorney Lozano appears in all Los Angeles and Orange County Family Law courts. He knows what to expect; what to look for ; and how to present your best case before the court. A Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences to successfully get through. Let us represent your interests in a dedicated, yet aggressive, manner to assure that the court fully understands and considers your position.

Doing this alone is not always your best answer.


Your Divorce or Paternity issues may be volatile, traumatic and beyond your legal capability to address. Maybe you're having difficulty with visitation timeshare or you feel that it is detrimental to your children. Maybe a parent's conduct is placing your child's health, safety or welfare in jeopardy or you are facing insurmountable challenges in paying or receiving child support; assets are being hidden; income isn't fully being reported; there's conflict in dividing debts or property; or the immeasurable other conflicts that are having a disturbing impact in resolving your matter. Attorney Lozano has over 16 years experience in standing before the court in hearings and trial. Call to discuss your matter and decide whether we can satisfy your legal needs.      

Paternity Matters


Attorney Lozano also has over 16 years experience in representing both mothers and fathers in Paternity cases throughout Los Angeles and Orange County on a Limited Scope or full representation basis. Paternity can be established if either or both parents sign a Declaration of Paternity after the birth of your child. Nevertheless, this doesn't always happen. The paternal father may not have been present or may have no desire to be the father of one's child. On the other hand, maybe a child is being wrongfully withheld from a father who wants custodial or visitation rights. Parentage will have an immediate impact on the child's quality of life. The best way to resolve the many issues of Parentage of a child is to bring a paternity action before the court. The problem is that you very likely lacks the ability to represent yourself. Attorney Lozano has successfully represented parents in getting necessary and accurate child support orders; creating a visitation schedule in the best interest of your child; or when necessary, getting orders for supervised visitation or no visitation whatsoever when a child's health, safety or welfare is at stake and might be compromised.