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The Child Support Dilemma

The Truth about Child Support.


From the court's position, Child Support is a calculated amount of money provided for the necessities and care of a child based on the child's needs and the standard of living of each parent. When you're the paying parent of child support, you want to be sure that your attorney serves your interests to thus minimize an unnecessary overcharge. Nonetheless, your child needs to be well-served and meaningfully cared for. Because of this continuing financial challenge in a divorce or paternity case, you need an attorney that will fight for the needs of your child.

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Considerations for Child Support


 When you're the parent receiving Child Support, you are often struggling to meet the financial challenges related to housing, clothing, food and incidental expenses that unexpectedly arise when caring for a child. On the other hand, some orders for Child Support may compromise the payors ability to meet the necessities of life. Over our years of representing Family Law clients, there have been strong and valid arguments on both sides. In this regard, sometimes too much has been ordered or sometimes too little has been granted to meet the monetary needs for a child in accordance with the true income of a parent. We exert efforts to make certain that which ever side that you are on, your income and financial circumstances are fairly and reasonably considered.

Calculations in Child Support


In calculating Child Support, a number of factors are considered by the court. The amount of income that both parents earn each month is a major consideration in the equation. Here is where one of the many problems begin. Consequently, the true and accurate amount of income of a parent may be either not fully disclosed or  intentionally being hidden. It shall be your obligation or burden to prove what your understanding of a parent's monthly income actually is. This is difficult. This is arduous. I utilize the powers granted to me in the discovery process to get to the truth of one's actual income.

Did the Court Get the Right Child Support Order?


Maybe you're being overcharged on the Child Support that you are paying to the other parent for the benefit of your child. You may be having your wages garnished from your employer. At the end of the month, you're consistently struggling in meeting your own finances. When exercising your custodial timeshare with your child, you cannot afford to provide the basic necessities for him or her. Something seems wrong  regarding the amount that you are ordered to pay. I take the time to examine the legal accuracy and legitimacy of your Child Support order. I make all efforts to confirm that the other parent is truthfully and accurately reporting his or her monthly income to the court in the calculation process. Contact my offices to determine whether my services is what you need.



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